• Huugs Labs Bamboo Towel Set

    Softer & Thicker

    Created with a soft loft construction that provides incredibly luxurious soft
    touch with a lofty hand feel.

  • Huugs Labs Bamboo Towel Set

    Ultra Absorbent

    Our towel is made with ultra-low twist for added absorbency and gentle comfort.

  • Huugs Labs Bamboo Towel Set


    With anti-microbial finish that helps protect the towel against the growth of microorganisms.

  • Huugs Labs Bamboo Towel Set


    Natural cross-section of bamboo fibers expel moisture naturally, with breathing fibers properties that is naturally odour repellant.

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Huugs Labs Bamboo Blanket

We also make 100% Bamboo Throws! A multi-purpose version!

We are obsessed with the natural anti-microbial and odour-resistant properties of bamboo fibers so much that we are adding it into our throws collection too! The multi-purpose throws can be your bedroom blanket or yoga blanket. A layer of comfort to your lifestyle.

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